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    Why OpaLink?

    Reaching New Customers

    Our offering will enable you to expand your available market by being able to gain customers in different cities, states, and countries. Your customers will be able to gift or receive items from friends no matter the distance

    Boost your visibility

    Stand out with our social timeline where customers are notified when friends check in, make purchases, and have the ability to view menu by clicking the Opa Gift Button.

    Increase Customer Engagement

    Provide a technology enabled environment for your customers by allowing them to make new connections by gifting strangers items through our app. Users who are checked in your store at the same time will be able to view each other’s profile and gift one another items.

    How OpaLink works for Restaurant Partners

    Customers “Check-In”

    A customer checks in your restaurant with our geofencing technology. Friends are then notified and can comment, like, or Gift Items.

    Boost your visibility

    Your restaurant accepts and prepares the order.

    Increase Customer Engagement

    The customer receiving the gift is notified that they’ve been gifted an Opa item and your restaurant delivers it to them

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