Celebrations Inspire Connections



Throughout human history, one point of connection stands the test of time. This rallies families, friends and even strangers around a commonality. The human spirit unites when we come together, around the table, to replenish spirits.

To connect over celebration. Because every day should be a day to celebrate.

It’s time that we prioritize connections before we become more and more distant––that’s why at OpaLink, we bring people together by inspiring connections and growing communities. Our goal is to prioritize connecting with each other.

Our unique application was built from the heart. Our family of founders were living in different parts of the world and determined to bring people back together, to create memories despite the distance. No matter what part of the world you live in, you can use OpaLink to connect with the ones you love. Long distance relationships, families who live far apart, or individuals moving to a new city can all utilize this platform to connect with people, near or far.

And isn’t going out together a time to pause, take a breath, and share a space in time with someone, away from the outside world? To simply connect with each other?

OpaLink was designed for convenience and fun. It can be used to book a reservation, access menus at restaurants or bars, easily split a check amongst groups, send gifts, and even share videos of your gathering to other users on the app. 

By making it easier to reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, pay for your friend’s food or drink, order a meal, and share moments from each gathering, we are making it easier for the world to take part in fellowship with each other, whether you’re a thousand miles away or able to reach out and touch your loved one.

That’s how OpaLink inspires everlasting connections through everyday, human celebrations.

We are on a mission to make celebrations both fun and stress-free; a mission to inspire you to continue making those uniquely human connections and memories.

Join us!

Make your restaurant part of OpaLink now!